ZA12 Zinc-Based Wear-Resisting Alloy Bushing

ZA12 Zinc-Based Wear-Resisting Alloy Bushing

Specification: ZA12
Use Parts:  10000 Pieces
Supply Ability:  100000 Pieces/Month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Material: Zinc-base alloy

Bush types: Sleeve,Flange

Application: transmission parts,construction machinery

The characteristic superiority of ZA12 zinc-based wear-resisting alloy : 

Low coefficient of friction,wear and tear,so the service life is longer.Under the same conditions of use,generally in the copper tile 1times more than,thus reducing the purchase cost of accessories.

High thermal conductivity,fast heat dissipation,slow and low surface temperature rise,it has a better protection against paired friction.

Material density is low,product quality is light (same model,same specification quality is light 1/3),installation,maintenance is easier,convenient.

With high damping characteristics,vibration reduction and noise.

The strength,hardness and allowable pressure are similar to that of aluminum bronze,and are widely higher than that of tin,lead and other bronzes.Can fully meet the requirements of the use conditions of the independent anti-friction wear parts such 

as bearing bush.

The affinity to lubricating oil is stronger,the self-lubricity is better,plus its metallurgy characteristic(melting point is low,not easy to produce metallurgy union with steel shaft),so in the use of adhesion is strong,anti-friction wear-resisting characteristic is more prominent.

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