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Oil Platform

Under the harsh working conditions of the oil and gas industry,Pressure, heat and pollution,constantly endangering the performance of drilling equipment, pumps and other oil and gas extraction equipment.In these environments, safety is paramount, downtime is expensive, and RCB plain bearings provide long-lasting stability for the oil and gas industry to keep businesses running smoothly.

Self-lubricating bearing solutions drive oil gas application innovation

When you cooperate with Rongchang Bearing, you choose to cooperate with a company that understands the key points of the oil and gas industry and focuses on longer development work, less maintenance, and better performing bearings,providing fast delivery time, flexible turnover and global production, sales and service support, Rongchang has given the most challenging oil and gas industry demand for top products and responses.With industry-leading R & D facilities and advanced production equipment, our self-lubricating bearings comply with most global quality control and environmental standards

Use bearings in drilling applications, such as rig systems and equipment,Rongchang Bearing is a powerful and reliable, self-lubricating bearing used in NOV rig design, drilling and completion equipment, cranes, winches and pipeline inspection equipment.Challenge mud erosion, high temperature and high load, and corrosive operating conditions.

Reduce downtime and improve equipment performance

Our bearings in oil and gas, port lifting applications can improve energy efficiency, reduce noise and lower assembly and installation costs. Customers trust us, with full support and continuous surpass from design to delivery.

Energy facility

The self-lubricating bushings produced by our company are suitable for supporting and swinging parts of new energy, which can meet the requirements of long-term use without maintenance, and provide convenient use for environmentally friendly new energy sources such as wind power generation, solar power generation, and hydropower generation.

The characteristics of weather resistance, high load, and self-lubricating maintenance-free make it more suitable for outdoor, high-altitude, underwater and other occasions where it is impossible to refuel or difficult to refuel; Generally, the use of rolling bearings is limited, and self-lubricating bearings can take advantage of their strengths to solve problems, such as hydropower station accident doors and hydraulic turbines.