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Steel Metallurgy

Rongchang maintenance-free sliding bearings are used in a wide range of equipment in major metal industries,examples are furnace filler carts, ladle hangers, turrets and tilting equipment, ingot bar chains, scissors, cooling beds, coilers or belt winders, and other important applications.Usually used in dirty and wearable environments, it is difficult or impossible to maintain. Self-lubricating bearings are suitable for cast iron plants, steel plants and civil engineering, providing more reliable performance than ball bearings.

Self-lubricating bearings suitable for high-temperature and high-load occasions greatly extend the service life of bearings at the ladle lugs and reduce the frequency of user repairs.

Rolling mill application 

Low wear rate

High reliability and longer bearing life

Chemical resistance

High static and dynamic load capacity

Dimensionally stable parts with zero water absorption

Suitable for rotation, vibration, reciprocating and sliding motion

No further processing after installation