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Hydraulic System

Rongchang Bearing provides a complete set of sliding bearing solutions for hydraulic system users. The products provided are: aluminum seat assembly for gear pump, shaft sleeve, side plate; oil distribution disk, return disk, shaft sleeve for vane pump and plunger pump; shaft sleeve for oil cylinder, etc.

Hydraulic oil cylinder arm copper sleeve

Hydraulic shearing machine return cylinder ball head

Self-lubricating copper ball heads can replace traditional copper ball heads and alloy ball heads, and have the advantages of self-lubricating, oil-free maintenance, noise reduction and environmental protection.

1.Improve energy efficiency

The low-friction bearing material of Rongchang Bearing reduces power loss and improves output and energy efficiency.


Rongchang bearings are self-lubricating and are suitable for applications requiring long service life of the bearings without continuous maintenance operating conditions.

3.Reduce noise and assembly costs

Without moving parts, Rongchang bearings have less running noise. The integrated structure of bushings, joints and bearings simplifies assembly, further reduces costs and eliminates assembly damage.

4.Extend service life in an environment with insufficient lubrication

Due to the PTFE composition of Rongchang bearing pairs, our plain bearings can work under low lubrication or even dry conditions. This helps extend service life.

5.Replace expensive rolling bearings

Rongchang sliding bearings can replace more expensive rolling bearings in specific applications, provide a larger contact surface, bring higher load capacity, impact resistance and improved performance.