DU Bushing Oilite Bearings Ptfe Bearing Sleeve Bearing Dry Bearing

DU Bushing Oilite Bearings Ptfe Bearing Sleeve Bearing Dry Bearing

Specification: RCB-10
Use Parts: 10000 Pieces
Supply Ability: 100000 Pieces/Month
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:RONCAN

Size: Customized

Material:Steel + Bronze powder + POM

RCB-10 Oilless Lubricating Bearing DIN1494(ISO 3547)


RCB-10 Oilless Lubricating Bearing DIN1494(ISO 3547) the size is like DU Bushing, PAP bushing,KU dry bearings,klzné ložiská series. 

1. PTFE/Pb Composition, 0.01-0.003mm, anti-abrasion material, which will form a lubricating film during operation.

2. Bronze powder layer, 0.2-0.35mm, which further strengthen the combination of the steel plate and PTFE layer and transfer the heat more quickly. 

3. Low carbon steel, bear high load transfer heat. 

4. Copper/Tin plating layer, anti-corrosion.

The advantages of dry bearing are well known, all the smooth operation of machinery must use some kind of bearing. Oil free bearing is a new type of lubricating bearing which has the characteristics of both metal bearing and oil-free bearing. It is loaded by metal matrix and lubricated by special solid lubricating material.


Max LoadStatic Load250N/mm2friction coefficient0.03~0.20

Low-speed Rotation140N/mm2max linear velocitydry friction2m/s

liquid lubrication>2m/s
Max PV
(Dry Friction)
intermittent operation3.6N/mm2.m/sThermal Conductivity42W(m.K)-1

Long-time operation1.8N/mm2.m/sCoefficient of thermal expansion11x11-6K
Operation Temp.-195℃~+280℃


1.Working under oilless or minim oil state, maintenance free or just need a little maintenance.
2. Resist Abrasion, low coefficient of friction long operating life.
3. Operating in -195℃~+280℃
4. Good mending, low-noise, non-pollution
5. Thin wall, light, which can reduce the machine to small
6. Forming a transferred film during operation to protect shaft
7. Low demand to the shaft even no surface hardness treatment, which lower the cost of the mating components
8. No absorption to water/oil, small coefficient of Thermal emption, good thermal conductivity and size stability
9. The back of the steel strip can be plated with various metal, anti-corrosion
The products now are used in sliding components of different machines, such as auto machines, piston pump, gear pump, textile machine, auto-sides machine, Injection Machine, sports Machine office equipment etc.

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