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Inlaid self lubricating bearing types and use

   Inlaid self lubricating bearing is a kind of solid lubricating bearing. It is based on wear-resistant metal materials and reduces the friction factor by adding various lubricating materials, and realizes self lubrication. This material structure combines the advantages of metal high load, good impact resistance and non-metal low friction coefficient, and can be used in various working conditions. Inlaid solid lubrication bearings are suitable for low-speed, medium-to-high loads, and can maintain a very low friction coefficient even when the lubricating grease cannot maintain a complete lubricating film such as swing, reciprocating motion, frequent start and stop.

   Types of inlaid self lubricating bearings:

   1. Cast iron-based inlaid self lubricating bearings:

   cast iron inlaid bearing is a new product, which uses HT250 as the base material to embed solid lubricant, and is a typical material-saving product. If the pressure is greater than 14.5N/mm2 or the mechanical properties are required, it can be used as a substitute for JDB-2 material. It can greatly reduce the cost and meet the requirements of use.

  For example: mold guide posts, injection molding machine mold bases and other fields can be used.

  2. Copper-based inlaid self lubricating bearings:

   Copper alloy inlaid self lubricating bearing (GB/T23894-2009), is a widely used inlaid self lubricating bearing product. This material structure combines the high load of metal, good impact resistance and the advantages of non-metallic low friction coefficient and the self lubricating performance of solid lubricants, which can be used in various working conditions.

   makes it unnecessary to refuel and maintain during use. Products are widely used in high-load, intermittent or swing motions, such as steam and locomotive production lines, water turbines, reservoir work/accident doors, plastic machinery, etc.

  3. Steel-based inlaid self lubricating bearings:

The steel-based inlaid self lubricating bearing is a reinforced product with high compressive performance. It can discharge lubricating particles during work, so that a diaphragm is formed between the shaft and the sleeve, which is more resistant to seizure than single oil lubrication. The advantages of this machine are especially suitable for the supporting parts of hoisting machinery.

   For example: rolling machine support, crane support, but not suitable for use in water or acid-base situations.